A good friend i am not but a great but a great friend I have got. Before I write any longer, I would love to dedicate this post to one of my greatest friend ever, the best partner in crime, The best listener and the best team mate ever. So, here goes to the five years friendship that we keep in between us, through ups and downs, through thick and thin, wether come rain or shine. Wether you realize or not, yesterday's debate was the last debate we debated together. Yes this sadden me too indeed. I did not want it to be the last one too because semi-finals was our target remember ? Never we had this kind of achievement I tell you. HKSBP 40 was the last thing on our mind because exam and balik bermalam was what in our mind back then. Never we aim to win like this, never we make full use of baju kemeja like this. I love you team mate, how I wish you'll be tagging along in Dubai babe. Sh*t crap i'm crying :( I love you, I am happy we ended our career with the highest achievement SEMESTA had achieved. I'm happy by the way we sealed up our last PPM together. But on top of all, I'm happy to be your team mate :) I love you Penyu, Bapok or so-called as Aggy. I love you Aleesya Syaliqa bt Abdul Halim.

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