2013 will be the final year for me to do many things in many aspects of my life including in participating in HKSBP 40. All that I can sum up is that, this year's PPM is by far the most amazing one. SEMESTA debate team managed to get into quarters but we flunked in to the all boys Asis. Congratulations to them. I enjoyed myself this year despite the absence of trainer, not training at all and a few conflicts before we participated in PPM. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah. I do not know what else can I do to make Bonda see debate as an ethos for our school too. This year's achievement is the best so far. So I hope that Arissa can take over my job as a captain for the team next year. I believe in you Arissa, and I promise that me and kak Aleesya will come to train you guys next year :) And as for Ata, Kak Adie and Anas, thank you so much for coming :) Enjoy the photos!

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