TIME 0913 (II)

I still remember vividly in my mind back in 2008 how i hated fully residential school so much. Dad constantly saying that those schools are for smart people and he guarantees me that if im in one of those school, i will have a bright future ahead, he says. What i kept on telling myself was, im aint a nerd and i solemnly swore to all of my primary school bestfriends that i am not going to any fully residential schools, wether come rain or shine, never, i tell you. Suddenly, on the last day of year 2008, dad secretly took me to a place so called as raub, yes damn that isnt it. i have no idea where we're going a that time when i was in the car. suddenly after quite a time, we arrived in this old-school called as SEMESTA. to get it short, dad brought me to meet the principal there to make a deal about getting me into the school as a second intake student. months later, i received the letter of acceptance to the school. mum, dad was happy. me ? not at all. to get it short and straight to the point again, all i can say that we as humans, can only plan. Allah the Greatest are the one who decides. Allah have given me the precious chance to stay in SEMESTA. never in my bucket list of life to stay in hostel, but here i am now, in SEMESTA. i love my school so much until words cant be put into sentence. SEMESTA taught me so much about life. i love my batch more than words can even describe. TIME 0913, indicates the excellence that we together as a batch will make soon. no i do not want us to be apart, not at all. I hate it when good things have to come to an end. its a month of may already, spm is approaching. Ya Allah, couldnt this time gets any slower ? Please.

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