It was my third time of participating in World Scholars Cup regional round in Malaysia. but it is my first time ever to work with a male in my team. ever since im in the debate team, aleesya syaliqa, the best partner i tell you, have never been apart from me in any debate competition. name the competition i've participated, she will always be by my side. in the year 2013, suddenly, Aleesya was ordered to pick either going for Nilam, or WSC. She have been working herself up to the limit for nilam, so it wouldnt be a suprise for all of us in debate team, if she picks nilam  on top of wsc. it was a last minute decision to decide whom will be replacing her. registration have been made, two days left for us to go for WSC. aqil was the only person pop out in my mind to replace aleesya. he have never debated before, i have never worked with a male in the team before. time passes by and the team of mine bond stronger between each other. i have never been this happier before when debating. me, arissa and aqil was such an effective team though. we passed the two days of WSC successfully, and alhamdulillah, we are qualified to go to Dubai for the global round. for the team of mine, Aqil managed to get an award of honourable mention for scholars challenge for the subject of science, i managed to get the award of honourable mention for essay writing, scholars challenge for the subject of art, top scorer through out the competition and top 10 debaters (which i was placed in number 9) among 500 debaters overall. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah. So here are some photos of ours. not to forget, this are the first year SEMESTA sent two teams for WSC, consist of amir, qama, and ari. and yes, they'll be going to Dubai with us too. I love all of you to the moon and back Charlies. oh to celebrate the win of ours, we went to sunway pyramid to watch movies. 

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